Having your own internet business would not be complete without your own domain name and website. If you want to make money online you need your own domain name and website.

Once you have your own website you can customize it to your own liking with advertising for other business opportunities and affiliate programs. You can even sign up for Google adsense and make money serving targeted google ads on your site. I was once making $200-$300 per month from Google adsenses alone.
There are thousands of affiliate programs and business opportunities on the web but one of my favorites is Global Domains Business Opportunity. With the Global Domains Business Opportunity you get your own domain name to build your own website along with tools to do it and you can make money from the business opportunity by referring others to the Global Domains business opportunity.

Once you have your own domain and website you will need to get it listed in the major search engines. If you do it right you won’t even have to submit your site to the search engines. They will spider it and find it without you or anyone submitting your site.

The key to getting listed is to make sure you have incoming links from other relative websites. E-mail other webmasters with similar content and ask for a link exchange. You can also write articles like this one and submit it to all the major article directories. Just make sure there is an active link in your article to your website. If you have incoming links to your web site the search engines will automatically find your website.

If all you are doing is promoting affiliate program websites, you will never get targeted search engine traffic from organic search listings because Google and the other major search engines will not list most affiliate program gateway pages. The only way to get organic search engine listings is to own your own domain name. Build your site with all of your affiliate program links strategically placed on your own website.

Once you have your own site up and running make sure to add content on a daily basis and get your visitors involved in the process of adding content as well. This can easily be done by adding forums, link exchanges, blog’s, and or a guestbook. There are several other ideas but those are the main ones being used today.