If you have determination, self-discipline and a desire to succeed, you may be successful in running your own business from home. There are many businesses you can run from the comfort of your kitchen table. Finding the right one depends on your skills, experience and your dedication. No matter what your skill set, there is a work at home business that is right for you.

The Highly-organized, Neat, Perfectionist

If you are highly organized, neat and strive for perfection, there is a market for your skills. Personal home organization consultants tackle their clients biggest messes. Many of these organizers help their clients de-clutter their homes or offices, and make recommendations for storage space, junk removal and cleaning. They help their clients repurpose old items and give advice to help them to change their habits. These home organizers charge fees of up to $250 an hour for their expert advice. This is a great work from home business that you can run from home, only leaving to visit client homes and offices.

The Hostess

The party planner of the group will find event planning a rewarding work at home business. Handle every aspect of planning a large event from start to finish. Put out little fires and work directly with vendors to make your clients even a shining success. Some event planners plan any event, from corporate office parties to charity benefits and childrens birthday parties. Others focus on a specific niche such as wedding planning. These event planners can earn up to six figures a year working from home and only traveling as needed. To be an event planner you must be highly organized, have a great network of contacts and work well with others.

The Chef

A person with excellent culinary skills can find a rewarding work at home business in the hospitality industry. Start a business as a personal chef, serving individual clients in their homes. Many personal chefs create mouthwatering meals for clients in their homes for special occasions. Others specialize in a specific niche such as dietary planning and cooking. While many municipalities have restrictions on how much cooking can be done in a home kitchen, this is a business that can be run from home. Many personal chefs rent out restaurant, church and school kitchens and run the business from home.

A cake decorating business is yet another facet of a work at home culinary business. Cake decorating has exploded in popularity with the emergence of reality shows that showcase beautiful cake creations that are more art than cake. With the right skills, you can enjoy a profitable cake decorating business from the comfort of home. Create beautiful cakes for birthdays, weddings, confirmations and other special events. A cake decorating business can bring in big profits and you can run this work at home business from your kitchen table.

The Networker

If you have a large network of friends, business associates and colleagues, there are great home business ideas that will bring in big profits. Work as a headhunter and connect talented workers to open positions. Take the work out of the job search and connect companies with the staff they are looking for. Charge a fee to the company and take care of posting ads, interviewing candidates and sorting through resumes. For executives looking for highly paid positions, charge the searcher a fee based on their desired first year salary. Headhunters are in high demand with a shrinking economy and the need for career security increasing. In addition, companies are often bombarded with applications and need someone to find the right candidates.

Another aspect of networking is matchmaking. Connect lonely singles and charge fees to deliver personally matched candidates into their lives. Reality shows that focus on matchmaking have caused the demand for matchmakers to skyrocket, and you can charge premium fees for your networking and social skills. This is a great work from home business for someone with an outgoing personality, a sound business mind and the desire to see others happy.