A radiation therapist salary may vary. In fact, the gap between the highest paid ten percent of professionals and the lowest paid ten percent in the industry is estimated to be about $60,000. The reason for this gap is related to their training, the facility they are working in, the location of that facility and the type of patients they are treating. All these factors play a part in controlling how much they’re earning on a yearly basis. The demand for professionals in this industry is estimated to be about 24%, according to a study that was conducted in 2014 by the Healthcare Salary World.

A radiation therapist salary is related to their level of education. Although the requirements to become a radiation therapist varies between geographic locations, the higher your level of education is, then the higher the radiation therapist salary will be.

A beginning radiation therapist salary is roughly anywhere between $55,000-$60,000 per year. As you gain professional experience, the radiation therapist salary increases as well. Once a radiation therapist professional has successfully completed ten years in the industry, they can expect to earn a radiation therapist salary increase to make their yearly earnings about $75,000 or more.

Depending on the institution the radiation therapist is working at, there may be several different positions available within their profession. For example, if the hospital they are working at is large and has an extensive radiation department, then perhaps they will need someone to lead that department and step in as the head or chair of that department in which case, the radiation therapist salary would be significantly more than that of a regular radiation therapist. A professor for this field may make extra money as new waves of professionals are required and the expertise of an experience radiation therapist would serve as an asset to a school.

As previously mentioned, a radiation therapist salary is largely dependent on the location of the professional. Based on a study done in the USA, the lowest paying state for radiation therapists is Utah (estimated $61,210) and the highest paying state for a radiation therapist salary is California (estimated $99,440).