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Work From Home

Is your daily commute driving you mad? Do you want to spend more time available to your family? Is the office life just not for your anymore? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then working from home may be the right choice for you.

Working from home is a viable option for many people, and the work-from-home workforce has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. According to published research, about three million people in the US now work full time from their home. If you are fortunate enough to be employed by a company that will allow you to do your job from home, then setting up a home office and organizing your daily work schedule are the first steps to embarking upon your work-from-home experience. However, in most cases you will need to find employment that lends itself to working from a home office, and that is flexible enough to integrate work with the life you want to live.

Work From Home Jobs

Jobs that may be readily performed from a home office include:

  • Freelance Author
    Though freelance writing is not a new profession, there are many new opportunities for talented authors who desire to work from home. Blogging, writing technical articles and manuals, and creating web copy, as well as the traditional venues of authoring magazine articles and writing marketing copy are all readily performed from the home office. In addition, freelance writers are able to set their own schedules and work around other aspects of life, such as the family.
  • Virtual Assistant
    A relatively new field has emerged to accommodate sales professionals and other business people who work remotely and require the help of a couple of extra hands. The job of Virtual Assistant may be performed from a home office that is set up with the necessary business equipment. You will probably need a broadband Internet connection, as well as a relatively fast computer, a phone line and maybe a fax machine. Opportunities for virtual assistants may be found on many telecommuting job lists.
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription
    Though medical transcription, as well as billing and coding jobs are not new, the option to work these positions from home is becoming increasingly more popular. Additionally, with the bulk of the population aging into seniorhood, more medical professionals are needed in the workforce. If your area of expertise lies in medical billing, coding or transcription, you will most likely find plenty of work to keep you buzzing in your home office.
  • Translation and Media Transcription
    As long as there is a need for documents and articles to be translated into other languages, there will be work for translators. Translation is yet another job title that may be accomplished from the home office. Additionally, media transcribers are often needed for creating documents from audio or video recordings. Qualitative marketing professionals, as well as academic researchers often require the services of transcribers. If you are able to transcribe at a rapid speed, and if you have access to a population of academics or marketing professionals, media transcription may be the work-from-home job for you.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Other options for work-at-home opportunities may be generated from your own creativity and resourcefulness. For example, you might start and host a blog that attracts sponsors and advertisers. You may actually replace your corporate income in a few short months by developing your blogging skills and techniques.

Another option might be to become a social media marketing expert. The newest thing in corporate marketing is finding that social networking guru who will market a company brand or product on the various social networks. Master the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, and you just may find that you are able to generate a paycheck from friending people and creating relationships on these social media networks.

In addition, blogging and social media marketing jobs generally do not require any special training or education. These positions simply require that you master the available social media networks, and apply your knowledge to promote a product or brand.

Of course, the option of selling products online has been around for years now. and eBay are great marketplace sites for setting up an online shop and offering a product to the world.

Never Pay for a Job

A few things to remember when seeking work from home opportunities. Never pay for a job or job leads, even for work-from-home jobs. Plenty of resources are freely available on the Web for people who work from home. Always be aware of potential scams that target the work-from-home job seeking audience. Legitimate opportunities are out there. You just have to look for them. Do your due diligence and never send money to anyone for a job lead.

If the work-from-home trend continues on the same trajectory and the home workforce continues to grow, creative individuals will continue to find new ways to earn a paycheck from their home office. No doubt about it. Working from home is here to stay. Check back often on this site for articles, resources and information specially compiled for the needs of the work-from-home crowd.